About us

Stadt Towing Tank AS was established in 2007 to deliver experimental hydrodynamical tests to the national and international marine industry.

During 2013 a major equipment upgrade was made in order to take on larger and more complex project.


We seek to be efficient and deliver test services of top quality each day and to have short time from project start to delivery of test results.

We focus on customer contact and during the projects the customer is welcome to participate in the as part of the project team.

The Måløy Technology Cluster

In recent years Måløy has seen the establishment of a large number of innovative and technology-driven businesses. Stadt Towing Tank is part of this Måløy Technology Cluster. In partnership with companies like Easyform and Nordwest 3D, Stadt Towing Tank can offer a complete product development package.


  • STT is one of our partners supporting our technology. RR counts on their high skills and flexible services.

    Rolls Royce

  • Stadt Towing Tank AS provides a unique set of tools during design and development of new high speed vessels. The dedicated and very skilled staff provides expertise and know-how in a highly professional ambience with passion for results to the best for their customers. We have used the STT for a variety of tests from smaller catamarans to large superyachts, testing of models in ocean space and remote controlled at sea. 24/7 service when required and quick response to issues raised during testing is a very strong point setting STT apart from any competitor. STT offers a high speed carriage, state of the art equipment, advanced model production and reports of high quality created as tests are carried out. STT provides the foundation in hydrodynamic testing, design and development that naval architects and ship-owners really need.

    Ola Lilloe-Olsen Sivilingeniør, Naval Architect