We seek to be efficient and deliver test services of top quality each day . Our aim is to use a short time from project start to the delivery of test results.

Model testing

Our test portfolio includes everything from resistance and seakeeping tests of fish farms and drilling rigs to high speed passenger ferries and Surface Effect Ships (SES). We take pride in being a dynamic towing tank able to adapt our test setup, models and equipment based on our customers needs.

Computational analysis

In the inititial stages of a design process, analytical tools are beneficial to compare multiple hulls or detect design flaws.

Stadt Towing Tank houses several tools for numerical analysis, such as CFD analysis or OrcaFlex.

Product development

With the large variety of projects being tested at our facilities we consider ourselves specialists in production of test models and equipment. Extensive experience in 3D-modeling, equipment production and analysis allows us to aid our customers through an iterative process improving or developing their products.