Product Development

With the large variety of projects being tested at our facilities we consider ourselves specialists in production of test models and equipment. Extensive experience in 3D-modeling, equipment production and analysis allows us to aid our customers through an iterative process improving or developing their products.

Equipment for hydrodynamic laboratories

Stadt Towing Tank has developed several products during the build-up of the test facility.This is equipment and systems that combine mechanical solutions, sensor systems and computer hardware and software.

A typical case is small test facilities for schools and universities with towing carriage, sensors/equipment and software for operating a hydrodynamic laboratory.

From 3D model to full scale equipment

Stadt Towing Tank offers a complete package for product development:

  • CAD Drawings
  • Model testing and complex analysis
  • Full scale prototype design and construction
  • Hardware and electronics integration 
  • Sensory and data acquisition

Functional prototypes

With multiple 3D printers, milling machines and electrical equipment available, we can produce highly accurate prototypes or remote-controlled test models. Controlling the vessel at sea gives the customer a unique insight and feel in real wind and waves. Examples of use include docking of an autonomous  ferry or approaching a simulated tanker with a pilot vessel model.