The Test Facilities

Tank measurements

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Stadt Towing Tank AS was established in 2007 to deliver experimental hydrodynamical tests to the national and international marine industry.

During 2013 a major equipment upgrade was made in order to take on larger and more complex projects. Upgrades and equipment developement has been performed continously since the establishment.

We seek to be efficient and deliver test services of top quality each day. We aim to have a short time from project start to delivery of test results.

We focus on customer contact and the customer is welcome to participate during the projects as part of the project team.

The Laboratory

The test laboratory of Stadt Towing Tank consists of a large water basin with a length, width, and depth of 185m, 8m and 4m. Our high-speed carriage is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, motors, and equipment for a wide range of testing.  A maximum speed of 15m/s and accelerations up to 3m/s2 allows us to maximize the steady speed time for high quality measurements.

A servo-controlled wavemaker generates realistic waves suiting the customers needs for seakeeping testing. Waves up to 0.9m can be generated, as regular or irregular spectrums such as JONSWAP or Pierson-Moskowitz.

Several special testing rigs have been developed based on our customer’s needs, including rigs for propellers, rudders, and wake patterns. Seeking to be an innovative aid for our innovative customers, our list of equipment is in continuous growth.

Our Equipment

The test carriage is a manned high speed carriage and is used for traditional calm water tests and seakeeping tests. The towing post can be moved forward or aft depending on the model to be tested.

Regular Waves periods from 0.5s and up.
Servocontrolled wavemaker for generating regular waves and irregular wave spectra.
Measurement of model displacement in 6 degrees of freedom.
Irregular wave spectra ITTC, JONSWAP, Pierson–Moskowitz.
Max Waveheight 0.9m.
High end data capture and logging system.

Test models

The models used in the hydrodynamic laboratory at Stadt Towing Tank are manufactured at our neighboring company Easy Form AS.

Hull model production is done with high accuracy and experienced personnel. Two milling machines ensure quick model production. With our model manufacturer in the building next door, required model adjustments are usually quickly performed.

The machines have the following measurements:

L = 26m, B = 7.5m, H = 4.5m
L = 12m, B = 3.8m, H = 3.0m

Propeller and propulsion system parts are machined in 5/6 axis milling machine. Model details can be machined in lighter materials or 3D-printed.
The basis for a good test model is a high quality 3D drawing. We can import most 3D CAD formats and are experienced with hull or geometry adjustments.

Special test models have been made by vacuum forming when specific strength/geometry consideration has been required.

Ship models are made from the best suited material, from PU foam to a combination of glassfiber and milling paste.

Carbon fiber cast models are made for high speed light crafts where model dead weight is low.